Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I Should of Stayed Home

Jess sharing truth to over 90 of our hs friends.

Club #2 happened last night.  I should of stayed home.  I wasn't feeling well.  I have bronchitis and ain't nobody have time for that.  I'm on meds and I'm not contagious, but I could not miss club.  My husband said, "Just stay home."  "Your team of leaders can run club."  But I couldn't.  I WANTED to be there.  I wanted to have our leader family dinner before club and laugh and get teary eyed.  I wanted to be there and pray over club with 20 high school seniors and our team.  I wanted to give those seniors a pep talk in our huddle and tell them to leave a legacy and that they matter.  I wanted to watch over 90 kids run thru the door screaming and dressed up in costumes of Disney characters or superheros.  I wanted to dance and sing with them and laugh at our crazy leaders during the game and rap battle.  I wanted to sit on the edge of my seat and hear Jess share truth about her life and who God is.  I told my team, "I'm gonna leave early right after the talk."  As soon as club was over I tried to make a bolt for the door and was stopped by a student she wanted to hand me something she had borrowed.  As soon as I said thanks, she burst into tears from a long hard day of trying to keep it all together.  I got to hug her and find a couple of chairs to sit and hear her.  To listen.  To love and encourage her and to pray for her.  I should of stayed home but I am so glad I didn't.  What a gift to be a YL leader to be able to show up.

Check out a short video on what our YL leaders do.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Come Home

Muckfest 2016

It's been a YL but we are back!  We had our annual Muckfest 2 weeks ago.  Where a kid can be a kid.  Where food flies, flour, oatmeal, whipped cream and slime are thrown.  Kids play games, and have FUN!!!  It was a mess and it was great!  I love watching our volunteer leaders get in the muck.  Go big, take whipped cream to the face and be in the mix with our students.  All to build memories and relationships with kids in hopes to earn the right to be heard.

We had our 1st club of the semester last night!  Around 90 students showed up and felt welcomed, had fun, and heard truth.  Truth about who God is.  I had the honor of speaking on the prodigal son.  I love that God knows us and loves us.  That he is a perfect father.  He wants us to come home to him to find real life with him in his love.  I shared this clip at club from the movie Blood Diamond.  The theme of the movie is a father's love.  Solomon in the film has been captured by the RUF and made a slave to find diamonds.  His son Dia has also been captured and had been brainwashed and trained to kill.  Watch what happens when the reunite.

You see the Father:  Knows us.  And loves us.  Knows who we are created to be.  He wants us to come home and be with him and find real life. Our hope is that our YL students feel at home at YL. That they feel the Father's love. That they feel accepted and welcomed and continue to take steps toward their perfect heavenly father.

Thank you for helping us with this ministry. Our goals of YL club are: 1. Students to feel welcomed. 2. Students to have fun. 3. Students to hear truth. Truth about our own lives and truth about who God is. We also have a small group program called campaigners and a week summer camp. We care about high school kids and continue to do life with them, meeting them where they are.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

I heart YL.

One of our students thoughts on YL camp.  She received a scholarship from LS YL and local donors to help cover her cost for the trip.

"There's not enough words to type down that could express my gratitude for you and all you did for me. But to make it short and sweet, thank you. Thank you for allowing me to have the best week of my life. Thank you for donating money which made me able to attend the trip. That week made me open my heart and my eyes to Jesus along with many new friends some from within the Lee's Summit YL group, and some even from YL groups all over the United States. I overcame fears, accomplished goals, and most importantly I refreshed and renewed my relationship with Jesus, and there is no better feeling than that. I fully put my trust in God, and made a commitment to live my life through him. Young life is now like a family to me and i'm lucky to call it home. The friendships I made that week will last forever just like God's never ending love for us. I'm so excited to start my journey with Christ and it was all because of your donation that allowed me to go on the trip. This week truly made a difference in my life, for the better."  

Thanks for those that support this ministry.  God is using your funding and prayers to continue to make a difference in the lives of students.  If you would like to help behind the scenes check out this link below or feel free to contact me: